Struggling to get a good night's sleep?

Millions of people suffer from short-term sleep disturbances after travel or a hard day, which can have a negative impact on their health, work performance, and overall quality of life¹. Nox CBN sleep aid is formulated with key calming terpenes found in hemp and lavender that we think you may find very helpful to have around when you go to bed, and thankful for in the morning. 

¹ National Institute of Health

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Berry Lavender Flavor

A blend that's truly unique, delicious, and carefully crafted over a series of different variations. You won't believe that you are tasting a hemp-based product. We've come up with the perfect combo of sweet, tart, refreshing, and lightly floral.


It's a flavor that really says "it's bedtime." We think you'll agree.  




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